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Hammertoe is yet another condition that may result from wearing heel shoes. This is a consequence of your toe being pushed to the front of your shoes. Callus and corns usually appear when you wear them. At the end the question is would you prefer a nice pair of heels or your health? One should be health conscious and bear in mind that being in fashion doesn’t mean that we should hurt ourselves. So, be smart and think twice before wearing high heels. Quick feet will also help you dribble the ball, pass and shoot. Performing a few simple drills can improve foot speed and enhance your overall game. Calluses on the heel of the foot are very common. The heel is prone to cracking and splits. Having a split heel is not only painful but has the potential for bacterial infection. That infection could endanger your whole foot. If your foot is experiencing not only severe pain in the heel, you have thick calluses, and you see redness or feel the heel is warm; you are probably experiencing the signs of infection. The associated condition may include ingrowing toenails, hammertoe, deformity of the second phalanx, first metatarsophalangeal joint medial bursitis, a pronated foot, plantar callus, ankle equinus and central Metatarsalgia. A corn, or heloma, is a thickened area of dry skin that has a visible centre, or nucleus, at the area of greatest pressure. It is caused by direct pressure from shoes upon a bony surface of the foot. The centre, or nucleus, presses on nerve endings in the skin. If it is large enough, it can be quite painful. In the picture, two large, painful corns are visible – one on the ball of the foot underneath the third toe and one on the tip of the fourth toe. Walking bare feet, without shoes or socks, result in the development of a callus on the sole of the feet.bunion callus A foot massage is the technique of massaging (rubbing, touching) your feet to release tension, soothe anxieties, and calm your nerves. Your feet are very sensitive and contain reflexes which correspond to parts of your body. Therefore when you receive a foot massage, you indirectly reconnect with the rest of your body. How you feel when you receive a foot massage has a major impact on how much you enjoy your feet being touched and massaged. Mix together a few drops of your favourite oils with almond oil. Or you can buy a good quality massage oil, balm or cream. In terms of pathology, there is a medial displacement of > 40 degree and dorsal angulations of the first metatarsal bone with the toe being displaced laterally. The prominent metatarsal head will exert a pressure on the overlying soft tissue which leads to the formation of the bunion (bursa due to friction) and synovial hypertrophy. This will follow later with secondary osteoarthritis mostly affect the elderly. The Hallux abductus angle should normally be < 20 degree. It is identified as the intersection of the lines that bisect and pass through the proximal phalanx and first metatarsal. Just as in an Athlete's foot fungus, the virus can be contracted by walking barefoot in warm, moist environments. These include gyms, locker rooms, saunas, showers, pool areas, and public bathrooms. Back pain is also called backache or Lumbago or dorsalgia. Back pain is the chronic health ailments which derived from joints, bones, nerves, muscles or other structures in the spine. If all women suddenly decided that they cared, there would be a collective rumble as one and all would gather all their berardis, ferrugias and guccis and ignite them all in a large bonfire the likes of which could be seen by the Mars Lander.